Organic Lotus Tea

€10,40 €13,00
Vitalize your day with a delightful and mildly sweet aroma.

Discover Boutijour Lotus Tea, a Lotus tea developed with local tea brewers who carry a collection of high quality teas harvested in the local provinces of South Korea. Lotus Boutijour tea is a combination of exclusive ingredients that help relieve swelling and heaviness. It contains organic Lotus, Pumpkin, Beetroot, Red Bean and Wild Pear. Lotus Tea helps detoxify our body and brings vitality and antioxidants to our daily life for our beauty from within.

  • Aroma: A delicious and sweet aroma with slightly earthy notes.
  • Effects: Reduces swelling, revitalizes, helps detoxify, deep relaxation, relieves stress and purifies inside the body as well as the mind.

2.3g*2 / Made in South Korea

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