Relaxing Mug

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BEIGIC suggests you to take a moment of refreshing time off and recharge yourself during busy daily life. Relaxing mug is designed with the motif of BEIGIC slogan "Time for yourself" that completes the relaxing moments with a cup of coffee to make your day more pleasurable.

Spend your own quality time with Relaxing mug that connotes the identity of BEIGIC, coffee. Convey your heart and present your beloved ones a peaceful break with the relaxing mug. A warm and comfortable, time for yourself.

  • Unique and Comfy Shape : The round and soft curved mug lets your hands comfortably wrap arount it, making a pleasent time.
  • The intact warmth : With its thickness, the temperature of the beverages is well maintained. Enjoy the relaxing time for yourself peacefully.
  • Design everywhere : The simple design creates a sultry vibe and the compact size is ideal for using a coffee machine.
  • The signature BEIGIC mug for winter is made of opaque ceramic.

Volume 310ml / Made in South Korea
Dimensions 10.6 x 10.2 x 12.7 (cm)
Opaque ceramic 100%

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