Moments Eco Bag

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BEIGIC Moments Eco Bag is an eco bag made out of 100% natural eco cotton. The slogan of BEIGIC "Time for yourself" is written on the front of this bag in French, giving it a simple and relaxed look. With the hope that everyone will have quality time, making good times, Beigic would like to convey the phrase 'les moments pour moi'. You can use this eco-friendly bag for a light walk and or for a picnic with a book you love to read, your favorite coffee and a delicious scone. The BEIGIC eco bag moments bag is made of rigid cotton canvas without being bleached and has a natural color without washing. This ecological bag is very resistant and can therefore be worn for a long time without deforming. It has both good quality and aesthetic vibe with natural light beige color. Perfect for a light walk, when you just need a simple fanny bag. A cute size for kids to carry around as well.


  • Can be gently hand washed at 30 ° C water temperature. (Not in the washing machine.)
  • Use a neutral detergent.
  • Cannot be bleached with chlorine and oxygen bleach.
  • Lay it in the shade and dry it.
  • Keep out of the reach of fire.
  • Patterns and back stitches may vary on each product.
  • Printed logos may fade naturally after washing in water.

Made in South Korea
Capacity 340 *185mm 90g

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