Cosmétique coréenne

Based on listening to the skin's needs with a holistic vision and layered hydration while preventing damage from environmental factors, pollution and harmful UV rays, Korean cosmetics focus on maintaining a healthy, well hydrated and nourished skin environment for results that last.

1. Korean cosmetics industry

In Korea, taking care of your skin is an integral part of the culture. Koreans devote time to their daily skincare routine and are very demanding when it comes to beauty and skin care. From textures to original formulations, the heart of beauty innovation beats in the South Korean capital of Seoul, a hotbed of the cosmetics industry. South Korea is at the forefront of skin care developing high quality cosmetics combining natural ingredients with advanced cosmetic components. Its constant innovation due to significant investments in research and development, its strong adaptability and its influence on the latest trends make South Korea one of the most attractive cosmetic markets in the world. The country is today one of the most dynamic and influential markets in the world in the field of beauty to the point that large international cosmetic groups no longer hesitate to call on Korean know-how to develop their new skincare range.

2. Gentle & Nature

The heritage of Korean beauty is steeped in natural ingredients passed down from generation to generation. This tradition continues today with gentle formulations based on ingredients most often from nature such as green tea, rice, aloe vera, plants, ginseng or centella asiatica, which are associated with some of the best scientific ingredients such as ceramides and hyaluronic acids in various and innovative ways. At Skinkoree, we only offer care without artificial coloring and for the most part Vegan-Friendly₁.

3. Are Korean cosmetics Cruelty-Free?

In South Korea, the law has prohibited companies from testing cosmetics, including ingredients, on animals since 2018. However, some companies wishing to market their products on Chinese soil agree to pay to have their products tested by Chinese manufacturers. , China imposing tests on animals to be able to market cosmetic products there. As the Chinese are fond of cosmetic care, this is a considerable saving of money for companies. For the same brand, there will therefore be tested products sold in China and untested products sold in Korea. A Korean brand could call itself Cruelty-Free since the care it produces and sells in Korea will not have been tested while its products sold in China will have been tested on Chinese soil with its agreement.

At Skinkoree, we are totally and firmly against animal testing for cosmetic purposes and more generally and we want to highlight ethical Korean brands that have refused testing by deciding not to physically belly on Chinese soil. Some brands have chosen to circumvent this law by selling their products only online, the Chinese government imposing the tests only when marketing products in stores but not in the case of an online business. On the online store, you will therefore only find brands that have made a commitment not to test on animals, some of which are Cruelty-Free and / or Vegan certified, whose care is not physically sold in China. Find out more