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Welcome to Skinkoree, your ethical skincare rendez-vous from Korea to take care of you and your skin. Discover Korean expertise and its benefits for the skin through our favorite Korean skincare brands. Skinkoree is an online store based in France providing 100% Cruelty-Free and mostly Vegan-Friendly₁ Korean skincare. We have selected ethical Korean brands with quality skincare to accompany you in your skincare routine and help you find the right solution for your concerns and your skin type. We thus offer botanical, natural, organic and cosmeceutical Korean skincare for all skin types including sensitive skin, formulated without controversial preservatives, artificial colors / fragrances, silicones and sulphated surfactants.

At Skinkoree, we are against animal testing, so it is essential for us to offer you quality products to take care of your skin while selecting brands that are transparent about the ingredients and their testing procedures, and whose formulations are plant-based. Aware of environmental issues, we are also careful to choose formulations that exclude or limit ingredients whose environmental impact may be of concern in order to offer beauty that is more respectful of our skin, living beings but also the environment.

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Cosmétiques coréens Cruelty-Free

Ethical Korean Beauty

Is Korean Beauty Cruelty-Free?

At Skinkoree, we are committed to provide only ethical Korean brands that are committed to not testing on animals. In South Korea, companies have been prohibited by law from testing cosmetics and ingredients on animals since 2018. However, with China requiring animal testing to market its cosmetics in physical stores, some brands agree to fund animal testing in the country itself. It is the same for French brands or other nationalities.

Other brands such as the ones we offer have chosen not to test on animals by selling their products online only. Indeed, the Chinese government imposes tests on animals only if the product is marketed in stores but not in the case of online sale.

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BEIGIC Softening Infused Mask

Our favorite of the moment 🤎

The pretty Beigic softness infused mask is perfect for nourishing, hydrating and plumping our skin in this return of the cold seasons. Its caramel texture is pleasantly spread over the skin while its botanical scent brings us a mindful and wellness moment. Combine it with the Beigic coffee exfoliant for a complete home spa moment.

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