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Welcome to Skinkoree, your ethical Korean skincare rendez-vous to take care of you and your skin. Discover Korean expertise and its benefits for the skin through our favorite Korean skincare products. Skinkoree is an online store based in France offering 100% Cruelty-Free and mostly Vegan-Friendly₁ Korean cosmetics. We have selected ethical Korean brands with top-quality skincare to accompany you in your skincare routine and help you find the right solution for your concerns and your skin type. We thus offer botanical, natural, organic and cosmeceutical Korean cosmetic treatments for all skin types including sensitive ones.

At Skinkoree, we are against animal testing. So it is essential for us to offer you top-quality cosmetic care to take care of your skin while selecting brands that are transparent about the ingredients and their testing procedures, and whose formulations are plant-based. We also carefully choose formulations that exclude or limit ingredients which are considered as having an environmental impact.

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Cosmétiques coréens Cruelty-Free

Ethical Korean Beauty

Is Korean Beauty Cruelty-Free?

At Skinkoree, we are committed to provide ethical Korean brands which do not test on animals. In South Korea, companies have been prohibited by law from testing cosmetics and ingredients on animals since 2018. However, with China requiring animal testing to enter its market in offline shops, some brands have agreed to fund animal testing to penetrate Chinese market. It is the same the other brands across the globe.

Brands we offer have made the choice not to test on animals by selling their products only online in China. Indeed, the Chinese government imposes animal tests only if the product is marketed in stores but not in the case of online sale.

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Notre coup de cœur du moment 🤍


The two beautiful Hyeja serums won us over with their clean formulation with traditional Korean ingredients, their softness and their effectiveness. We fall for the Yuja fruit scent of the vitamin C serum which reminds us so much of the traditional Korean tea 유자차 (Yujacha) and for its instant effects on the radiance of the complexion, and for the sweet smell of the Niacinamide serum with moisturizing and soothing properties. A big crush on our part, we are already looking forward to discovering the rest of the brand 🤎

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